Friday, 2 May 2008

Check out Researcher from ISI Web of Science

What is
ResearcherID is a service from ISI Web of Science whereby researchers are invited to join the Researcher Registry and receive a unique researcher ID number. Once registered users can:

  • Update their profile information.
  • Build a publication list using Web of Science search services or uploading a file.
  • Select to make profile public or private.
  • Use new tools in the interactive Labs environment to understand their personal metrics.
  • Use the Citings Articles Network which graphically depicts who is citing their articles using an interactive world map.
  • The Collaboration Network displays their collaboration associates also using an interactive world map.
  • The Badge is a "roll over" tool which can be placed on any web page to provide a summary of ones’ profile and recent publications.

Whether registered or not, users can search the Researcher Registry to view profiles and find potential collaborators.

For more details and to register with login to Web of Science from the Library A-Z Listing of databases at