Friday, 3 October 2008

Top Ten Global Insurance Companies

The US subprime crisis has led to turbulence in the financial services industry and is likely to have significant impact on insurance companies. The capital and stock market turbulence is likely to moderate the growth in the life insurance market, while pricing pressures and economic slowdown in industrialized markets are likely to flatten the growth in the non-life insurance market.

The Top Ten Global Insurance Companies is a new report published by Business Insights that examines market dynamics in the retail insurance sector focusing on the top ten insurance companies. This new report highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the top ten insurers, analyzes the reasons behind the growth of their businesses and indicate any potential problems they could face in the short term. Through analysis and forecasts, this report provides insight into the direction of the retail insurance market. See it on the library website at Select Reuters Business Insights from the A-Z list of databases.