Monday, 10 November 2008

Reaching Today's Media-Savvy Consumers

In line with changing social and economic conditions in Ireland, the way consumers are accessing media channels is evolving.

A key difference between young Irish consumers and more mature consumers is the speed with which new media have been integrated into their daily routines, with understandably greater enthusiasm among younger consumers. An important conclusion from Mintel's Media Consumption Report,[October 2008] however, is that few consumers are prepared to be left behind.
The challenge for advertisers is not only how to target consumers but how to reach them in new and more innovative ways, for example the proliferation of wi-fi spots. Today’s consumers have never been more connected.

This report looks primarily at the impact of technology on Irish lifestyles and why their relationship with technology is so important to consumers. Access it through the DIT Library web pages at Select databases on the left and Mintel from the alphabetical list.