Friday, 13 February 2009

Datamonitor Reports Available in Business Source Premier

Looking for Datamonitor reports? Some of you may previously have accessed these reports from MarketLine, but did you know that all of the company, industry, and country profiles available in MarketLine are also available in Business Source Premier?

As previously mentioned, the library has cancelled its subscription to MarketLine.
This was for four reasons:

  1. The recent additional cuts in the library’s budget.
  2. All of the company, industry and country reports available in MarketLine are also available in Business Source Premier.
  3. The usage statistics for MarketLine were considerably lower than for other business databases (e.g., Business Source Premier, Emerald, Global Market Information Database).
  4. The library has used some of the savings to purchase a subscription to FAME, a business database which provides financial information, financial ratios, and reports.

To access Datamonitor reports in Business Source Premier:

  • Access company reports by clicking on the “Company Profiles” option on the menu at the top of Business Source Premier’s start page.
  • Access industry and country reports by selecting Advanced Search, limiting “Publication Type” to Industry Profile or Country Report, and entering the appropriate keywords in the search box.

For more information, see the Guide to Finding Market Research Reports in Business Source Premier

If you have any questions about finding Datamonitor reports, please ask Allison (3266), Ciaran (7166) or Israel (7167) for help.