Wednesday, 14 April 2010

EndNote Desktop - subscription cancelled.

DIT Library Services has decided to end its DIT-wide subscription to the EndNote Desktop Bibliographic Management Software. The cancellation will take effect from April 30th 2010.
EndNote Web will continue to be available to all users through our subscription to the Web of Science databases.
The decision to cancel EndNote Desktop was taken reluctantly - in light of reduced budgets for resources and reduced staffing to provide user support. It follows a recent survey we undertook of DIT researchers which indicated that the level of usage does not merit the substantial investment involved.
The EndNote Desktop licence allows DIT to continue to use in perpetuity the software we have already. The latest Version X3 is now available and will be rolled out to library and laboratory computers over the next two weeks. Staff and students who wish to upgrade to VX3 on their personal computers should contact Fiachra Mangan immediately at 402 7176 or email him at