Friday, 18 January 2013


Arrow Statistics December, 2012

ARROW@DIT had 64672 full-text downloads and 39 new submissions were posted.

The most popular papers were:

Play and Technology for Children aged 4-12 (1196 downloads)

Festivals, events and tourism (1053 downloads)

E-Business in Supply Chain Management (790 downloads)

The most popular publications were:

Irish Journal of Applied Social Studies (4239 downloads)
School of Electrical Engineering Systems, Conference Papers (4054 downloads)

School of Food Science and Environmental Health Articles (2322 downloads)


Arrow is part of the Digital Commons Network of Institutional Repositories which can now all be crossed searched. They have grouped all the content of all the repositories into areas of interest and these are called Commons for eg. The Engineering Commons or the Business Commons. Popularity is determined by the numbers of downloads per author or institution in these area.

During December Dublin Institute of Technology was among the most popular institutions in the following Commons

1. Arts and Humanities Commons

Arts and Humanities Commons. Arrow was popular in 6 out of 171 disciplines this month Audio Arts and Acoustics,Contemporary Art,Theory and Criticism.Music Pedagogy.Music Performance,Spanish Linguistics

2. Education Commons

Education Commons: Arrow was popular in 2 out of 35 disciplines this month this month: Adult and Continuing Education Administration,Educational Methods

3. Engineering Commons

Engineering Commons.Arrow was popular in 8 out of 102 disciplines this month:Bioelectrical and neuroengineering, Vision Science,Geotechnical Engineering,Computational Engineering,Power and Energy,
Engineering Science and Materials,Information and Library Science,Materials Science and Engineering

4. Business Commons

Business Commons: Arrow was popular in 2 out of 34 disciplines this month E-Commerce, Food and Beverage Management

5. Physical Sciences and Mathematics Commons

Physical Sciences and Mathematics Commons.:Arrow was popular in 6 out of 117 disciplines this month:Numerical Analysis and Computation,Artificial Intelligence and Robotics,OS and Networks,Analysis,
Other Mathematics,Applied Statistics

6. Life Sciences Commons

Life Sciences Commons Arrow was popular in 6 out of 112 disciplines this month:Bioinformatics,Biology, general.Biotechnology,Other Cell and Developmental Biology,Laboratory and Basic Science Research,Microbiology