Friday, 13 February 2015

Best of both worlds: Bringing Google Scholar and Library Subscriptions Together

One problem with using Google Scholar to try to find academic journal articles is that many of the results aren't freely available online - you have to have a subscription to the journal in order to access the full text of the article.

However, it's really easy to set up Google Scholar to search DIT Library's subscriptions, and to link you quickly into the article you need if it's one the library subscribes to.

To do this, just click on the Settings link in Google Scholar. Choose Library Links and enter Dublin Institute of Technology in the search box.

Click on the Save button and this will add a Find@DIT link to your results lists in Google Scholar.

You'll have to login with the usual Off-Campus Access authentication details, or else use a campus computer in order to access the article via the Find@DIT link. 

Any questions - send us an email via Ask a Librarian.