Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Where can I print in Aungier St?

In addition to the Datapac printer/copier machines in Aungier St library, there are lots of other machines throughout the rest of the building - handy to know if there are queues in the library, or if there are any technical problems with the machines in the library.

You can release print jobs, copy and scan at any of the following locations in the Aungier Street building:

Ground Floor:            Bishop Street Entrance/Porter's Desk
First Floor:                 AIB Bank
Second Floor:             Bishop Street Lift/Outside Room 2.092, Rooms 2.065, 2.066, 2.069. 2.070
Third Floor:                Rooms 3.089, 3.090
Fourth Floor:              Rooms 4.025, 4.067/8, 4.086, 4.092

So no need to queue any more!