Monday, 2 November 2015

Happy 200th Birthday George Boole

Today's Google Doodle is a tribute to mathematician George Boole. According to Google:

'In 1849, Boole was appointed as the first Professor of Mathematics at University College Cork , where he pioneered developments in logic and mathematics. His beautiful binary “Boolean” system was detailed in An Investigation of the Laws of Thought in 1854, which inevitably enabled revolutionary thinking in not just logic and math, but also engineering and computer science.
As one of the most important scientists to have ever worked in Ireland, Boole effectively laid the foundations of the entire Information Age while working from UCC.'

What has this do with Aungier St. library you might say?

Well, any of you who have engaged in a database session with our librarians will have heard us mention Boolean operators. While the use of boolean operators is not obvious when you use a search engine like Google, they remain central to building your search strategy within an academic database. 

DIT Library subscribes to over 80 subject databases.  Depending on your discipline there is a subject database that is relevant to your research. Here in Aungier St. our experienced librarians are happy to help you if you have any questions about using your subject databases or those famous boolean operators. We provide both on-campus support in the library and off-campus support through our Ask-a-Librarian service.