Monday, 13 June 2016

Attention law students: New information on legislation in-force

The Irish Law Reform Commission has published
a draft list of in-force legislation in Ireland.

This new list contains a definitive list not only of the Acts but also statutory instruments made under those Acts. It is the first list compiled and published in the State that seeks to include all in-force legislation in Ireland.

The list contains over 2,000 Acts and over 15,000 statutory instruments that are currently law. The list aims to include all in-force Acts and related statutory instruments up to the end of April 2016. They are listed under 36 subject-matter headings, and also identify the relevant Government Department that is responsible for each statutory instrument.

How does this list benefit you? For the first time, users of legislation will be able to find all legislation related to an area of law by subject matter.

This is a draft list. The Commission are inviting feedback and comments on its contents. More information can be found via their press release.