Monday, 5 November 2007

Books from All over the World.

Are you searching for a book, report, paper or journal article which just does not seem to be available anywhere? We can help!

The Document Delivery service at Aungier Street Library can search all Irish and UK academic libraries for your request as well as the British Library Document Supply centre – the largest ‘lending factory’ in the world. We can even, through the British Library, initiate a world wide search for the item if it is important enough and borrow from anywhere in the world on your behalf. In addition we can organise electronic delivery of papers to your desktop. AND – there is a 24 hour delivery service available if the need is great.

Standard cost to the Library is €22 per book and €20 per paper. We charge our undergraduate users €6 per item and €8 for staff and post-graduates. (World-wide searches are obviously more expensive.) For further information contact Fiachra at 7176.